The Year Santa Lost His List by Jill Vanderwood

The Year Santa Lost His List by Jill Vanderwood
Brighton's Mountain Books

This is such a cute book! I got it in the mail yesterday and it is a great story!
Amazon Description:
With list in hand, Santa boarded his sleigh on Christmas Eve. Things were going well until a huge gush of wind blew the list right out of Santa’s hand. Santa still had gifts to deliver, but without his list, he had no idea which gift to deliver to which child. He brought ice skates to Julie, who always wanted to be an artist. Noah, whose only interest was baseball, received a guitar and microphone. Santa was worried that he may not have gotten the gifts delivered to the right children, but he didn’t need to worry. Children will discover, along with Santa the magic that took place, the year Santa lost his list!
 I would defiantly add this one to your Christmas list this year!

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