AIWOTOWOW Portable Waterproof Inflatable Lounge Lounger Beach Air Sofa Dream Chair by AIWOTOWOW

AIWOTOWOW Portable Waterproof Inflatable Lounge Lounger Beach Air Sofa Dream Chair

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This is a great invention, at first I was like... No way, but my daughter saw them at the mall and wanted one.
Because it says to run to blow it up I figured no one is going to want to do that every time they go to use it.
There is  however a way around that. Fans are very helpful.

I uploaded a video of this product to show the usefulness.

Here is the thing with this. If you are going to use running/air power to fill it... it will take practice, but also a little breeze will help. Since I got it in there has not been any breeze at all. So some people might give it a bad review just for that reason. I decided after failed attempts of running that I would try using an air mattress pump because it is portable you can get the kind that you use in the car. They also have ones that you can use in the house if you need to. This worked really well and we were able to blow it up fairly fast. Just make sure to hold the airflow area so that the air doesn't come right back out on you.

Once we had it blown up it was time to test it out... my daughter jumped on it (as shown in the video) I was scared that it was going to pop or come undone, but it handed the impact just fine even though I still wouldn't recommend doing that.. Once she goofed off and played around I finally decided I was brave enough to sit on it. At my weight it still held me up just fine and it was comfortable.

We decided to camping for the weekend at my father-in-laws lake. Now it is Florida winter so it was a little chilly but its Florida people. So yes I can  use this kinda thing all year round.
My daughter decided she wanted to try it on the water... I was a little scared at first.... so we used a rope at first. After a while we saw that it held up fine to being on the water. My daughter had a lot of fun just paddling around the lake. (No paddle doesn't come with it.)
So yes I am giving this product 5 stars. My only real complaint is that it does take a while to dry once its wet.

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