Dead Sea Mud Mask - 100% Natural and Mineral Rich

Dead Sea Mud Mask - 100% Natural and Mineral Rich
Mask makes my daughter and my skin so soft. Really can feel a difference. The mask helps her with acne and helps me with
wrinkles and keeps my skin feeling refreshed.
As it dries the mask changes to a lighter color. Out of all the mask I have tried this one is one of my favorites because of how well it does work. It's nice to have something that helps my daughter with her skin.

  • Fights Acne – Reduce pores and treat acne with this incredible mask. Shiny Leaf Dead Sea Mud Mask is a product that you can trust to put on your face.
  • Removes Excess Oil – 100% Pure and authentic,
    the Shiny Leaf Dead Sea Mud Mask is a mineral rich facial mud mask that takes out excess oil and leave your with soft skin.
  • Reduce Fine Lines – It is the fountain of youth, your answer to aging skin. Use it to cleanse your face from toxins and to remove dead cells to look 10 years younger.
  • Cleans and Exfoliates Skin – Remove impurities and toxins from your face. Get clean, smooth skin that glows.
  • The Shiny Leaf Dead Sea Mud Mask comes straight from the Dead Sea in Israel. There’s no need to travel thousands of miles just to enjoy this wonderful product of nature. Shiny Leaf has brought the original Dead Sea mud to you in its purest, finest form, without any additives. Don’t settle for any other mud mask. Enjoy the detoxifying power of the Shiny Leaf Dead Sea Mud Mask. 
    • 100% Natural, mineral rich mud mask from the Dead Sea.
    • No additives or fillers. Authentic, pure and not diluted.
    • Vegan friendly and cruelty free.
    • Long shelf life.

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